MH-75 Smoke Blower
General Information The Original just got better! The Turbo-Fog® MH-75 smoke blower will out smoke and out perform all other similar style smoke generating equipment. Like the "Original," it is totally self-contained and uses our leak proof liquid smoke cartridges to generate dense uninterrupted white smoke. No adding additional smoke bombs or pumping garden sprayers for additional test time.

Generates over 7500 cubic feet per minute of airflow allowing you to make more smoke in less time, for greater production. Saving you time and money. Made from 11 gauge steel - laser cut then powder coated for precision and durability. A foam cell bottom gasket is applied to create a leak free seal around manhole and reduce vibration and noise.

Product Features
  • Smoke testing made safe, efficient, effective and economical
  • Detects illicit connections and other sources of leaks and inflow
  • Uses leak-proof liquid smoke cartridges
  • Cartridges provide continuous flow with even pressure
  • Cartridges may be replaced in seconds, allowing quick easy replacement, even while unit is operating
  • Produces continuous, uninterrupted dense white smoke for large scale production
  • Metering Valve to precisely control smoke flow and density
  • Use only what you need; no wasted product
Product Specifications
  • Briggs & Stratton 850 Series
  • OHV 190 CC Engine
  • Fixed Throttle
  • Ready Start (No Priming)
  • 3800 RPM
  • Toggle Kill Switch
  • Gas Tank - .3 gallons
Physical Specifications
  • 30" (Total Diameter)/Fits Manholes 18.5-30" in Diameter
  • 18.5" (Interior Baffle Diameter)
  • 14.5" (Total Height)
  • Weight (80 lbs.)
Turbo-Fog® MH75 Performance Advantage
  • 7700 (CFM) @ .0001 Static Pressure
  • 7030 (CFM) @ 1.000 Static Pressure
  • 5150 (CFM) @ 3.000 Static Pressure
  • 3530 (CFM) @ 4.000 Static Pressure

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